SongwritingResources.com (or “SWR” for short), as the name implies, is a resource center for songwriters and aspiring songwriters.  The goal of the site is to bring together, in one single place, as many of the best available tools for songwriters as possible.  This site seeks to make the technical side of songwriting as easy as possible so that writers can just focus on being creative.  Here, you can train and push yourself as a writer, musician, and tap your full potential as an artist; Listen to tips and tricks from the pros, to garner inspiration and advice about your process; and, finally put your own material out there in our contests as you develop as a writer.

Can songwriting be studied and learned? 

While talent is something that cannot be taught, there are several technical aspects to writing, which you can practice mastering.  For instance, your musicianship and ability to play an instrument will have a massive effect on the quality of your songs; similarly, a thorough understanding of song form and literary techniques will create meaningful depth to your work.  The more you practice the better you’ll get, like anything else really.  Whether you are just getting started, looking for a new approach to refine your process, or looking for a place to drill yourself on technical exercises, this site is for you. 

How do I get started? 

It’s easy: Start by taking the free self-assessment test to determine what areas you feel least confident about your writing.  Then follow the recommendations for which courses to try out.  Some lessons are totally free, and others are more involved courses for a small fee.  As you progress, feel free to participate in a songwriting contest, where you can win prizes and have your music featured on the site.  Also, please listen/watch the various songwriter interviews, where we attempt to extract the best tips we can from professional songwriters. 

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Keep in mind, when you download the self-test you will automatically be subscribed into our community of writers and creative people.  Keep an eye out for useful emails that flag the latest and greatest goings-on here at SWR. 

We’re so excited to have you here, welcome! 

-SWR Team

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