Songwriters on Songwriting – Paul Zollo


This book is a must have for songwriters looking to learn their craft and study from the greats. Each chapter is a new interview with a songwriting legend. The updated editions have more artists than the original publication from the 90’s.

The Craft of Lyric Writing – Sheila Davis


This book is a very thorough analysis of various skills related to lyric writing. You’ll find lots of good stuff here, though some parts are a bit out-dated when she goes into detail about tin pan alley type writers from mid century 1900s.

Writing Better Lyrics – Pat Pattison


This book is endorsed by John Mayer. Thoughtful approach to lyric writing, though sometimes a bit academic. Great way to explore song ideas, co-write, shape songs, and approach songwriting in a literary way. Pattison has a philosophy and logic background and teaches at Berklee College of Music.